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A mythical generation gap

Yes, I still need to give this dump a decent WordPress theme.  Finding one that looks like an old-school website rather than a generic blog is turning out to be more of a pain than I expected…and there’s more important stuff on my mind.

This afternoon, my mother spent an inordinate amount of time trying to calculate the date of the scary outlet fire, then figure out when 60 days from that point would be.  She gave me an answer, then (since I thought it didn’t sound quite right) asked that I figure it out.

After procrastinating by doing other things and being nagged a few times, I sat down at my desk and glanced through her paper calendar.  I reluctantly jotted down the number of days in September & October (having a sudden flashback to equally reluctantly doing my algebra homework in high school), then thought “fuck it, my math skills suck“ and did a quick web search.  Hey presto, a website with a handy little date calculatorTap, tap tap…done!

I was going to say that it’s illustrative of the difference between our generations, but then I remembered that my father would’ve whipped his smartphone — or in the past, a PDA — out and answered the question on the spot.  Let’s face it: the stereotype of the older generations being techno-clueless really doesn’t make much sense anymore, considering we’d then be talking about the same people that designed mainframes from the circuits up with a slide rule, invented home computers, the router, and all kinds of other tech from the last 40 years…

Yes, this post is boring and pointless.  I figure better that than just letting this place look totally unused, especially since the last few posts I wrote are stuck in the draft queue thanks to SeaMonkey or OpenSUSE crashing at the drop of a hat — but that’s a rant for another post.

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