Improbable All The Way

Not again…

It has been one of those weeks best characterized by the phrase, “oh dogs, not again.”

Among other things, I just found a growth of some sort on my giant torbie Azrael where her throat & jaw meet; it’s small, but in a location where growing at all could feasibly have fatal results.  The vet said she’s not comfortable trying to remove anything so close to the carotid artery & trachea, so we’re getting a referral to a vet surgeon.  Which means I need to find a veterinary surgeon other than the one affiliated with the mind-bogglingly high-priced emergency vet, which I literally don’t have the funds for.

Azrael is in perfect health, unbelievably sweet & friendly (the first time she saw my mother’s spaniel as a puppy, she began to groom it), and has the cutest communication trick… When she wants attention or a treat, she sits up to stare at you pleadingly with gigantic eyes (she looks like the userpics I’ve seen of the cat from “Shrek”), then will raise one paw up like the Japanese good-luck kitty if that’s not enough, and if that doesn’t work, she starts pawing the air with both forelegs as if she’s part horse.  She’s also the only cat I’ve known of that deliberately photobombed somebody. (I was going to embed the pic here, but for some reason it ends up being blown up to fill the entire window. WTF, WordPress?)

I was planning to write more, but I’m being too distracted by various noises around the house, and it’s starting to make me very irritable.  (Not sleeping more than a few hours each night this week and being stressed-out over Azzy is not helping.)  Arrggghhh…


Adding, hours later: I think this is going to be a proverbial race against time.  I need to find a surgical vet for her now, get that thing out ASAP.  Her vet will call Saturday morning to set up the referral; the only place she seems to know about is the high-priced one, so it’s up to me to track down an alternative.

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