Improbable All The Way

Three cheers for outdated hardware!

Several weeks ago, my mouse started misbehaving itself, then froze up; when I went to try moving the tiny dongle from one USB port to the next, I found it had overheated to the point of melting the plastic.  Yikes.  Since then, I’ve learned that my Logitech Dual Action gamepad and Sony Cybershot camera dock were evidently fried by whatever cooked the mouse dongle, as they’re no longer detected at all.

Having forgotten about that, I decided to ring in the New Year with some games that sounded interesting, since one of my resolutions is to stop getting myself mentally glued to reading forums.  I grabbed my other gamepad (Logitech WingMan) without thinking about it, and was very surprised to find that it’s detected & fully-functional.  I think that I’ve figured out why: the WingMan is old enough that its original design used a soundcard game port, and Logitech had just tossed in a matching gameport-to-USB converter for forward compatibility.  All I can imagine is that the power surge or what-have-you simply couldn’t reach the sensitive gamepad electronics.  Three cheers for outdated hardware!

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