Improbable All The Way

The latest in the saga of Azrael

After getting a mind-bending estimate from the nearby big 24-hour ER hospital (“ACC”) for Azrael’s surgery ($5k up front…ouch), I took her to another local vet (“AAH”) that I’ve been really impressed by.  Unfortunately, they said that she’s beyond their skill level, and they’d want a CT Scan — which is only an option at either ACC or UC Davis.  Another problem is that she’d have to be anesthetized for the scan, and the risks there are great enough that it would be best to just operate right away if the scan indicates it’s possible.

So, AAH’s vet is going to call Davis and see if she can talk them into taking Azzy as a “med school” patient, find out how much it would cost, and whether they’d be willing to take time payments with a certain amount up-front.  Driving 2-3 hours doesn’t sound like fun, but we’re running out of options.

I need to finish my page about Azzy and look into which crowdfunding site would be best.  I’m thinking that I’ll post a bunch of decent-value items (approx. $300 in Amazon gift cards split in various denominations,  two $100 Safeway cards, a near-mint Acer netbook with a behavioral glitch that needs a proper geek to fix, maybe my near-mint copy of the rare Apple II “Ultima Trilogy 1 -2 -3” box set, etc.) for people to “buy” with their donations.

The nice thing is that the vet at AAH stated bluntly that based on the excellent condition that Azrael is in, if we got rid of the growth she’d “want to stick around” for another 3-4 years or maybe more.  For a cat turning 15 soon, that’s a heck of an endorsement, but I can believe it: her coat is shiny & perfect, she’s energetic, strong appetite, and generally a happy cat other than the damned growth.  She also said that even if it’s actually a malignant tumor, the evidence so far is that it’s just locally invasive, so removing even 90-95% of it could be enough to give her those 3-4 years.

Azzy, meanwhile, is having a great time (other than the growth): she’s getting extra love, more grooming & playtime.  To the delight of the bottomless pit of her stomach, we’re hand-squashing/smoothing out high-quality canned cat food (paté forms of Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro, Wellness, Blue, Fromm, etc.) and giving her as much as she wants at least 4-5 times each day.

OK, I’d better get some rest.  *yawn*  Hopefully Dr. S won’t call until late this afternoon, because otherwise I’ll be trying to take a call while half-awake.  :-p

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